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Video by Raoul Stampfli (Reckless at lake Zurich, October 2020):



Video by Jens Lange (Reckless at lake Zurich, October 2020):



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During 45 years of playing around with fast model boats – always with twin-prop-configuration - and after more than 30 years of experience in passenger cars gearbox technology we’ve had the idea to design, develop and produce parts for other race boaters which are not on the market yet or difficult to find:

ZENOAH- or RCMK-based multi-cylinder engines.

For sure: there are other possibilities to built a big scale raceboat with brute power (Blata, Polini, chinese scooter engines and even Rotax) but we are not friends of these heavy duty „truck“ engines.

During the development we’ve got help from a lot of engine and machining specialists, f.e. hardening process of crank is the same as in F 1.

To bring the power into the water we have developed a special splitter gearbox, especially for the 4-cylinder powerhouse. This gearbox has 2 possible overdrives, selectable on customers request to keep the propeller diameter small and to save the customers money.

During the development time we’ve had several good ideas, just have a look onto our web-catalog.

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